Tuesday, April 29, 2014

After researching careers in the Ag, Food, and Natural Resources cluster, you should be making connections between those careers and your day to day life. How does each of the two careers you learned about relate to your life? How does each of those careers relate to our community? How do they relate to, fit in to, or affect our nation in general?more » The two careers I learned about and did research on are important in day to day life because one teaches you about how important the environment is and important it is to keep it cleaned up and looking good. the other career is important because it teaches you on how deadly and toxic hazardous materials are to the environment and how you need a traned professional to get the job done.


  1. I think this would help greatly if you listed how it helps our hometown, not just towns in general it may give people a better understanding as to what it is. As well as listing the career that you did.

  2. I like how you stated the question in you blog. Good job